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How To Relieve Foot Pain From Standing All Day

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How to Relieve Foot Pain – Simplified

After The Work

During working time, you must take care of your feet. You can follow the instructions and tips given below to relieve foot pain on your toe through some easy ways. Then you can prepare for tomorrow’s work yourself.

Perfectly Fits Your Feet

You should choose the right boots that fit your fit. The boots might not bigger or smaller than your feet. If your boots bigger or smaller than your feet, it will be painful for you while working. Smaller boots might create foot pain.

So you should wear the correct boots according to the size of your feet. We found the under armor gives the best fit for any kind of job.

Stretching Can Help

If you work by standing all day long then your muscles become numb which can create foot pain. But if you want to get relief from this then you should take breaks after every two hours during working & do some stretching that you can easily avoid this foot pain. There are a lot of stretches and I am telling you the stretch which I am preferring most.

So, You have to face a wall first. After that, you have to place your both hands against the wall. Then you have to extend one leg behind your body and push your heel as far as it will go. Now you have to stay there for a moment to feel the stretch.

Finally, do the same thing for your other leg by Repeating the whole procedure several times.

Use Cayenne Pepper Before Work

Sometimes when your feet getting cold you suffering from feet pain. But you can warm up your cold feet with cayenne pepper. Only you have to keep some cayenne pepper with your socks or boots. It will keep your feet from becoming cold and can help to get relief from foot pain.

Use Cayenne Pepper After Work

After work, you can use Cayenne pepper to remove the feet pain. You have to take bearable hot water in a bucket and put a half tablespoon of cayenne pepper in the bucket. Put both of your feet in the water that will make you feel better than before.

Use Clove Oil

Another very useful and helpful things to remove foot pain is Clove Oil. The availability of Clove oil is like as Epsom salt, that means you can find it everywhere and it is very easy to use. You have to massage your feet with Clove oil and that will help to relax your muscle. If you want you can mix Olive oil or Coconut oil with Clove oil and massage. It will be a very effective method to remove your pain. You can do this in the home any time.

Use Epsom Salt

You can easily find Epsom salt and use also that salt to remove your feet pain. This salt work more quickly to remove your pain and calm your feet. In this process, I suggest you use your tub. You just have to fill your tub with bearable hot water.

After that, you have to add three tablespoons of Epsom salt in the hot water and put your both feet in the water for 30 minutes. The pain will be gone. After doing this you should use some moisturizer on your feet, or else your feet will become dry.

Use Some Ice On Your Feet

To remove your feet pain you can use ice. The athletes, workers and other people can use ice to remove the pain from feet. It is so useful and easy to use. You just need a bucket and put some ice into it. Also, take some water in the bucket. Put your both feet in the cold water for 30-40 minutes. By these process, you can remove the pain from your feet.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a useful thing that can help you to remove the pain from your feet. Anywhere you will find it. You need to fill your tub with bearable hot water and then add three tablespoons of vinegar in the hot water. Put your both feet into the water for 30 to 40 minutes. You will find you in a better condition where the pain is gone.

While Working Select The Right Boots

All day you work on your feet? Then you have to wear the right boots. So for this, I will suggest you wear flat sole work boots. The heel of your boots should be less than 2 inches & should have arch support. If your boots do not have work support you can buy arch supports sole from a drug store. It will be reduced weakness and soreness in your feet.

Most loggers tend to work long shifts, therefore it is recommended to have the best logger boots available for a comfortable work experience.

You Can Apply Some Massage On Your Feet

You can recover your pain by taking Massage. Just you need to take a baseball or a tennis ball for this. Then you have to roll your foot from the heel to toe. It can stretch the muscles of your foot and removes the pain from your foot.



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